Thursday, 15 January 2015

This Week on the farm

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Hello! A very Happy New Year to you. We are back in the shop and on the blog after a much needed winter break.

This week has brought lots of wind and snow. The sun came out on Wednesday and the kale was looking mighty pretty with it's frosty coating. Domino was also enjoying some time playing in the white stuff!

The shop is full of lovely fresh vegetables and fruits. And if you fancy trying something a bit different, why not give these Eryngii mushrooms a go? A full flavoured mushroom, meaty with a tinge of citrus, they are perfect sliced finely and fried in a little butter. Serve on toast with some fresh thyme and a scattering of parmesan. They are also ideal in a mixed mushroom risotto or chopped into a plate of creamy pasta.

The very first of our forced rhubarb has been picked for the shop, so it's time to get making those crumbles! We'll also be taking lots of our rhubarb to Oakwood Farmers Market on Saturday 17 January 2015. Vicky and Heather will be running the stall for the first market of the year and are looking forward to catching up with all our lovely customers there.

Don't forget to stock up with our dry and well seasoned sacks of logs in the farm shop too - keep your home warm and toasty in this cold weather.

Hope to see you soon and thanks for reading.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Time at the Farm

Hello there!

Due to being a bit under the weather this week our blog post is a little late. But we wanted to remind you all that we are open on Tuesday 22 December (8am - 4pm) and on Christmas Eve (8am - 12.30pm) and then we will be closed until Wednesday 7 January 2015. So make sure you get in and stock up with lots of our lovely veggies asap!

If you are looking to try something different for your Christmas dinner, then why not give sprout tops a go? Tom Kerridge has been cooking them over on his BBC Christmas television programme alongside chestnuts as a cracking side dish. You can check out the recipe here. We have lots of lovely sprout tops available in the farm shop alongside sprout stalks and loose sprouts. If you are needing some more inspiration for cooking these little green gems, then please do check out our previous post here.

We also have freshly harvested potatoes for your roasting pan. If you haven't tried our Edzell Blues then you are in for a real treat. They have a violet-blue skin, white flesh and a floury texture. Best cooked in duck or goose fat, they don't need to be parboiled. Just pour boiling water over them, let them sit for about a minute, drain, then tip into your roasting pan. They make the perfect roast potato and you'll be giving your guests the best Christms dinner they will ever have!

And of course we have all your other favourite winter vegetables and fruits in the shop too as well as sacks of well seasoned, dry logs.

Thank you for all your support this past year. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

All pictures via our Instagram feed.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

This week on the farm

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Hello there!

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting us on Small Business Saturday. We had so many happy customers visiting us to pick out their Christmas tree.  We still have lots of lovely trees available, so don't worry if you haven't already been to pick one out.

This week has also been busy on the farm. It's that time of year where we bring in the rhubarb roots, ready to begin the forcing process. It's a hard job but worth the pain in the back and legs when we get those first stalks of Timperley Early. We'll do a further post all about the forced rhubarb soon.

One of our nearby primary schools came for a tour of the farm as they are studying the history of rhubarb in the local area. The Year 4 kids had lots of great questions about vegetables and the bees, and left well informed about how and what we grow. They were also glad they wore their wellingtons!

Don't forget we have lots of lovely handmade wreaths and bunched holly for some extra festive cheer. Our Christmas order forms are available in the farm shop ready for us to put together a vegetable box for you.  And we have some great chutneys, pickles, jam, honey and balsamic vinegars for hampers.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon.