Thursday, 11 December 2014

This week on the farm

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Hello there!

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting us on Small Business Saturday. We had so many happy customers visiting us to pick out their Christmas tree.  We still have lots of lovely trees available, so don't worry if you haven't already been to pick one out.

This week has also been busy on the farm. It's that time of year where we bring in the rhubarb roots, ready to begin the forcing process. It's a hard job but worth the pain in the back and legs when we get those first stalks of Timperley Early. We'll do a further post all about the forced rhubarb soon.

One of our nearby primary schools came for a tour of the farm as they are studying the history of rhubarb in the local area. The Year 4 kids had lots of great questions about vegetables and the bees, and left well informed about how and what we grow. They were also glad they wore their wellingtons!

Don't forget we have lots of lovely handmade wreaths and bunched holly for some extra festive cheer. Our Christmas order forms are available in the farm shop ready for us to put together a vegetable box for you.  And we have some great chutneys, pickles, jam, honey and balsamic vinegars for hampers.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Small Business Saturday

Good Morning! Did you know that it is Small Business Saturday today? A day to celebrate and support your local community - to encourage us all to buy from local sellers, independents and makers. We try to do this all year round as being a small business we know how important it is to have loyal customers.

So while you are in choosing your Christmas tree, why not stock up on some lovely jams and marmalades, all handmade by Vicky's Mum. There is the ever popular Raspberry, Peach and Amaretto (otherwise known as Heaven in a Jar!), Rhubarb and Ginger and the newest creation, Fig and Cherry Brandy. Plus many more. We also have a fresh supply of Vicky's own honey, Chilli Jam Man products and Wildon Grange balsamic vinegars. These will all make a wonderful addition to a hamper for Christmas. We also have a beautiful range of handmade and all natural wreaths available in the farm shop.

If you are planning on some extra Christmas shopping this weekend, why not have a look at Twitter for a list of other Leeds small businesses who are intent on bringing you something different - just check out the hashtag #SmallBizSatUK #leeds.

Have a happy weekend. Thanks for reading and your continued support. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

This week on the farm

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Hello. This hasn't been the best week for us. As many of you already know we have had a large number of our Christmas trees cut down and stolen. So there has been a lot of wine and chocolate consumed this week to cope with the stress (not during work hours of course!). Thank you for all your support on Twitter, Facebook and in person, we do appreciate it very much.

This week we wanted to introduce you to three members of staff that you may not be familiar with. Toby, Sean and Harry form our highly skilled landscape and maintenance team.You can find out more about each of them and the work they do by clicking on our Landscaping page. Although they are not often on the farm working, occasionally they are brought in to carry out some important jobs that Vicky and Jeni couldn't possibly do! This week they were carrying out some vital tree work down in the field and we had to take some photographs of them in action. It's impressive stuff and not a job for anyone who is afraid of heights! They are also available to carry out other gardening work and further details can be found on our Landscaping page.

We have no Farmers Market this Saturday so Vicky will be based in the shop this weekend. She looks forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for reading.